Robin and Paul Schachter
“We were very pleased with the whole experience of working with Plum Construction on a series of interrelated projects in our Wallingford home. Emre and Josh helped us figure out creative and cost effective solutions, presented us with a range of options, did a great job of helping us “expect the unexpected” (always important with an older home) and executed the jobs beautifully, on time and on budget.” Robin and Paul Schachter


Robin and Paul Schachter
We had two main projects, one fun and one functional.  The “fun” project was enclosing a front porch and creating an entry/sun room, and the “functional” project was to tear down an old, dangerously broken chimney, which required changing the home heating system from oil to gas and replacing an old wood burning fireplace with a gas insert.  After both of these were done, we repainted the entire exterior of the house.  Plum Construction put a schedule and project plan together so that they could work on both projects at once and keep everything moving forward.

For the front porch, we had a rough idea of how we wanted the final sun room to look, and   the Plum team did a great job of turning our ideas into reality. They lead us through options, made great suggestions on the design and materials, and pointed out myriad improvements for lighting and other aspects we had not considered.  They did a very good job of telling us what to expect in terms of timing and expense, and communicating clearly when they needed decisions from us.   In particular, Josh’s workmanship and attention to detail on matching the trim to the existing details of our old home was an important factor in the outstanding quality of the finished product. We are thrilled with our new sun room/entry.

The chimney/heating system replacement project was a bit more complicated than originally expected by us or by Plum, but Emre met all of the challenges with a good sense of humor, and a commitment to working within our budget.   He recommended and supervised several contractors to perform sub -specialties such as asbestos removal and fireplace installation, gave us valuable guidance on heating and hot water systems, and did a great job of tracking down just the right fireplace insert for our small and oddly shaped space.  He and Josh did an amazing job of removing the firebox and installing a gas fireplace in the existing hearth. Not easy. The best part was they were able to do this without removing or damaging the nice old interior facing brick in our living room. He managed and supervised  the subcontractors well,  to minimize additional time burdens on us, and completed all of the interconnected aspects of this job within our time constraints, so we were able to paint the exterior before the end of the summer.  Emre and Josh worked late hours to get the job done and maintained the same high quality standards throughout the job.  All billing and invoicing was consistent with the estimates and discussions we had with Emre along the way, so there were no unexpected surprises.  We have the utmost respect for Plum and highly recommend them for any home or small business construction job. Robin and Paul Schachter

Tamar Pearsall

From start to finish, Plum Construction was thoroughly competent, knowledgeable, and efficient. Emre studied all the damage, and then came up with a detailed repair plan that addressed everything that needed replacement, at an affordable cost. Emre and Josh put concentrated effort into each stage of the project, so that it was complete in eight working days. They are considerate, and easy to work with. All the damaged areas have been replaced. Both the interior and exterior were finished, and match the existing areas perfectly. This project required multiple skills, all of which were met. These guys are true professionals.

Description of Work:
A leak in the outflow pipe from a second-floor kitchen had caused major water damage to the floor, walls, ceiling of the room below, supporting beams, and exterior siding. The leak was concealed behind the dishwasher and had gone on for months, leaving all these structures rotted and unsalvageable. Repairs required: Sealing of original leak; replacement of a section of the top plates, rim joist, supporting studs, and exterior siding in the area of the water damage; removal and then re-installation of a downstairs window; new sheetrock, tape, mud, and sanding; interior and exterior painting to match existing areas; installation of new dishwasher and garbage disposal.

Gretchen S.
We hired Plum Construction to enclose our rarely used front porch and convert it into a mudroom. Emre and Josh were great! They listened to what we wanted, and we ended up with exactly the mudroom that we envisioned. They were upfront about hiccups along the way related to the initial time and cost estimates. They are very knowledgeable and skilled, and have great attention to detail. They have a lot of integrity and take pride in what they do and making sure that their customers are pleased. I would definitely hire them again for future projects.

Andrew B.
We have been saving up to replace our deck, which was starting to rot out. Both myself and my wife had some very specific characteristics we wanted our new deck to have. I wanted a trellis over the whole deck so I could plant grapes and train them up to create a canopy in the summer, reminiscent of many terraces I had seen in Spain. My wife grew up with a deck that was fully covered, and loved being able to spend time on the deck even in the rain. These two features seemed incompatible and my wife and I seemed to be at an impass. But during the design and bidding process, Emre was able to work both of our features into the design, creating a partial roof that was sloped and raised high enough so we could run a trellis underneath. He was very detailed in the bid of the different options we had for these features, explaining how they would be installed, and the costs associated with them.

Once we settled on the design, Emre provided us with a detailed contract, breaking down costs for materials, labor, etc, how long the job would take, and terms for material or labor overages. I have had some poor experiences with contractors in the past not honoring the extent of the work they agreed to do, to the point of having to put a hold on a check issued and threatening legal action. What a night and day difference! It’s really nice to work with professionals.

During construction, Emre and Josh worked cleanly and efficiently, always respecting our space and doing everything they could to be minimally intrusive. When construction was complete, Emre walked me through and explained many of the details that went into our deck, how they laid the foundation so the deck would not shift or warp if the ground got soft in the winter, how they spaced the pillars and boards to give room for the wood to expand. These may be things that are common sense to the seasoned handy man, but that is not me. It was reassuring to be walked through all the detailed craftsmanship that went into our deck, and makes the investment feel even more worth it.

I could not be happier with the job Plum Construction has done. We have a beautiful deck, and have already had many a barbeque as well as a few nightcaps listening to the rain tapping on the roof. And it’s only going to get better once my grapes climb all the way up the trellis to make delicious canopy.

They really did a great job, and Plum is now my go to for any job, big or small. Their quality of work and professionalism is a relief!

David Hotchkin
“Emre is a wonderful person, a good craftsman, and great to work with. I hired Emre to install some trim in our remodeled basement shortly before our daughter was due. He had an emergency with another client that required that he postpone my job, but he came on the weekend since he knew my wife was due to deliver the next week. He did a wonderful job, down to the details. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” – David Hotchkin

Joyce Noonan
Emre is always responsive, working our projects quickly into his schedule. He assesses the scope of work, gives options and completes the work in a timely fashion. His workmanship is top rate. And he is easy to work with, as well. Joyce Noonan

Greg Aden & Cynthia Cunningham
Emre is excellent. He completely rebuilt the wood stairs to our porch, and then we had him do a second job of building/installing a brand new tile shower. His work is high quality, efficient, and timely. On top of that, Emre is an excellent communicator and great guy to have around. We plan to hire him again in the future. Greg Aden & Cynthia Cunningham

Lisa M.
“Emre has worked on two houses for me. The first was a rental house that needed windows, doors, exterior shingles, and electrical outlets replaced, gutters and lighting installed, as well as fence, roof and plumbing repair. As another reviewer said, he quickly fit this work into his existing schedule. I appreciated his steady work, fair pricing, and his workmanship. When you get Emre, you get a quality craftsman with good eye for esthetics. He has also replaced significant parts of the front stairs and porch to our 100+ year old home and made repairs to a damaged corner of our very tall roof. His work was thoughtfully executed and sturdy. When needed, Emre has recommended subcontractors who have also done good work with fair prices. Emre is a reliable and trustworthy contractor and I will definitely ask him to do more work in the future.” –  Lisa Mach

Peter B.
Emre and co deliver a quality service. Plum Construction are now our go-to firm for all home plumbing, electrical and residential construction needs. Heck, he even installed a kitchen faucet! On every occasion I’ve immediately felt assured that I’m not only getting high value for money but that attention to detail and customer service are high on Emre’s radar.

Emre manages his calendar well, whether it’s an emergency or less urgent repair job, he uses email, text and calls to confirm the time. His on-site evaluations were discussed using lay-man’s terms so I always understood what he was proposing and what the diagnosed problem was. I felt totally safe leaving him to do the job whether or not I was in the house.

I can’t recommend this guy enough

Laura N.

I have a home and a single family rental property that over the past years has been in need of mulitple repairs. I go to Plum Construction first as I know Emre will give me an accurate and honest appraisal of the repair needed. He offers options and manages all the repairs on time and at the price he quoted. He has completed a bathroom remodel, fence repair, new garage door installation, hardwood floor installation, front porch/deck repairs. He is priced very fairly and does meticulous work. I highly recommend Plum Construction

Mark F. 

We had Emre come over to fix a variety of problems: rotting exterior trim, door not insulated, and dryer vent not connected properly. The work he did is literally better than new. Emre was very prompt. The work was completed on time, on schedule, and to bid. No surprises.


Zherwynn and Rosa Toledo

Outstanding! We love it because it is professionally done. Beautiful bathroom remodel.  Emre and Josh are very punctual and very nice people to work with. We will definitely recommend them to anybody.